GMX Ring Master




Model 400 GMX Magnetic Fluid Conditioner
For 1/4" to 1/2" Tubing or Pipe

Model 800 GMX Magnetic Fluid Conditioner
For 5/8" to 1" Tubing or Pipe

Model 848 GMX Magnetic Fluid Conditioner
For 1-1/4" to 1-3/4" Tubing or Pipe

Model 8000 GMX Magnetic Fluid Conditioner
For 2" to 14" Tube or Pipe
GMX Ringmaster
The GMX Ringmaster shows what magnetics can do to the taste of different liquids/drinks


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A few of the Benefits are listed below. 

Prevention of Scale Build-Up
By applying the laws of magnetohydrodynamics, GMX conditioners prevent minerals from precipitating on the inside of pipes and other surfaces in the form of hard scale and will not corrode pipes, water heaters, and other fixtures. They thwart scale more completely and efficiently than traditional water softeners do.

Progressive Removal of Existing Scale Build-Up
When installed in existing water systems, GMX conditioners not only prevent new scale build-up, but will remove existing build-ups over a period of time. This is used in homes and industries in a variety of applications including swimming pools and spas.

Improved Water Flow
By "unclogging" pipes and fixtures of existing scale build-up and keeping them clear, GMX conditioners permit increased flow of water through them.

Increased Water Heater and Appliance Efficiency
GMX conditioners remove the scale build-ups that can drastically reduce the efficiency of water heaters and certain other appliances. This means that more energy is required to produce the desired results. According to the U.S. Bureau of Standards, scale that is just 1/20th of an inch thick can increase energy costs by 10 percent. A 1/4-inch layer of scale results in a whopping 40 percent increase in energy costs. By making these appliances more efficient, you save energy dollars.

Extended Life of Plumbing Fixtures and Appliances.
Scale build-up can drastically reduce the life and efficient operations of plumbing fixtures and appliances that come in contact with hard water. GMX products reduce maintenance expenses and can eliminate repair costs.

Reduced Initial Cost
GMX magnetic fluid conditioning products - which provide water treatement, water softening and hard water solutions, cost only a fraction of what traditional water softeners cost.

No Ongoing Costs
Water softeners consume over 800 pounds of salt each year in the water softening process. GMX conditioners don't. Water softeners and water softening products also require significant amounts of electricity, as well as extra water for backwashing (up to 10,000 gallons a year.) GMX conditioners don't. They consume nothing. In addition, with GMX conditioners you can reduce the amount of soaps and detergents you use for clothing dishes and bathing including shampoos.

An environmental movement is gaining momentum in some areas of the country to prohibit the use of water softeners that use salt. More than 25 communities in California have already banned or restricted their use, claiming that they are harmful to the environment. These water softeners exchange sodium for hardness materials such as calcium and magnesium at a rate of two-to-one and the high levels of sodium can contaminate ground water and waterways, degrading drinking water supplies. GMX conditioners use no salts or chemicals and thereby eliminate this problem.

Sparkling Freshness
GMX conditioned water feels fresher and cleaner than water conditioned with salt-based water softeners. There is no slippery feeling when showering. Hair has more luster. The unsightly water spots on dishes, glasses, and even cars and trucks are greatly reduced. Clothes last longer. Swimming pools and spas stay clean and crystal-clear with smaller quantities of chlorines, clarifiers, and purifiers.



Proven Benefits of GMX Magnetic
Fluid Conditioners in Fuel Systems

More Complete Combustion
Because of the propensity of magnetically treated fuel to attract oxygen molecules when mixed with air in a combustion cylinder, GMX conditioners enable fuel to burn more completely throughout the entire chamber, whether it's gasoline or diesel engine. For example, if you were to try to burn a log with a single match, it will burn very inefficiently, giving you a smoldering, gradual burn with less heat and more smoke and ashes. But if you take that same log and split it up into smaller pieces, it will burn much more efficiently, giving you more heat and less smoke and ash residue. The GMX fuel conditioners "fracture" the hydrocarbon chains in the fuel, much like an ax breaking up a log, thus allowing for a more complete burn.

Greater Fuel Efficiency
More complete combustion results in the generation of more energy from the same amount of fuel.

Reduction of Harmful Emissions
Because of a higher proportion of the fuel is combusted within the gasoline or diesel chamber, less is left to pollute the environment in the form of environmentally harmful hydrocarbon emissions.

Quick, Easy Clamp-On Installation
Whether installed on a residential water system, or on a car or truck's fuel system, GMX conditioners can be easily installed in minutes.

GMX conditioners can be quickly and easily detached from a pipe or fuel line and reattached to another. Consider your GMX fluid conditioner a lifetime companion. It can go with you no matter how many times you change residences or vehicles.

No-Maintenance Solutions
GMX magnetic fluid conditioners have no moving parts, don't wear out, don't have to be recharged, don't go out of adjustment, and don't require external power sources or additives. Once they are installed you can forget about them, relax and enjoy the many benefits they offer.

Also see pH Scale and other Hard Water issues, click here for more detailed information

 Whether you know it or not, whenever fluids run through the pipes and appliances in your house, pool or buisness,
or the fuel in your car or truck or when natural gas flows into your furnace, dryer or oven, you can save money and make a differnce with the environment.



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